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wear and care, the sustainable way

LEMON Garments was founded in 2019 in Amsterdam and since then we are committed to creating an effortless, timeless style which is as comfortable and easy to wear as possible. LEMON says no to fast fashion, ridiculous amounts of waste, pollution and exploitation of workers. The goal of LEMON is to contribute to a more ethical and eco-friendly world. by sourcing and producing with high ethical standards and offering a timeless wardrobe that lasts.



Sustainably grown fibres with GOTS Certification

LEMON is committed to selling high quality, natural products that are kind to the environment in order to minimize the negative impact on the planet. Carefully sourced organic materials are a key factor in our sustainable solution.

All our cotton fabrics are GOTS certified. "The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain." This ensures that all cotton fibres are checked and controlled to meet high standards. 

We work closely with our fabric distributor to have a better insight in the sustainability of the fibre and ensure excellent quality.

Sewing Machine

Made upon order

Limited stock and made upon order

Overproduction and massive dead stocks are a huge source of the enormous fabric waste produced by the industry each year.

At LEMON we work with a very small stock and the majority of our collection is made upon order in our studio in the heart of Haarlem. In case you ordered a CONFETTI garment, they are always made upon order. It also allows you to pick your favourite confetti-colour combination for you unique look.



Sustainably grown fibres with GOTS Certification

I am in love with lyocell fabric and like to work with it as much as possible. Lyocell is cellulose fibre produced from sustainably sourced wood. The production of the fibre requires significantly less energy and water than the production of cotton. As a naturally derived fibre, lyocell is also biodegradable. It is dyed with conventional chemicals, however it uses a lot less dye than for example cotton. In addition it is more breathable fabric than cotton and it has antibacterial properties. On top of all this, our new favourite material is super soft and flowy and will last you a long way.

Sometimes a recycled material is the better choice compared to a natural organic fibre. For the CONFETTI EDITION I work with recycled polyester mesh and love love love this super flowy, soft and wrinkle free fabric, that is made of 100% recycled polyester. Let's keep our economy circular, green and sustainable.



All garments are handmade

Made with love for people that care


Let's reuse, recycle and keep it circular.

My choice:

100 % recycled polyster

reused fabric waste

Fair and ethical

We are dedicated to fair and ethically correct working conditions

Fair pay

Fair trade

Fair life