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LEMON Garments offers you effortless style that is easy to wear. We follow a path of high ethical and economical standards. LEMON stands for timeless design and lasting quality, keeping the production process as sustainable and circular as possible at all time.

We believe in practicality and comfort to form a capsule wardrobe that is not depending on ever changing trends, is stylish, yet easy to integrate in our active lives. 

Make a change, rethink your way to consume and wear LEMON.

Our Ethos


Sustainable material and GOTS certification

LEMON is committed to selling high quality, natural products that are kind to the environment and minimize the negative impact on the planet.


Tencel lyocell and innovative materials

We are in love with our new Tencel lyocell fabric and integrate it in our collection as much as possible. Lyocell is a cellulose fibre produced from sustainable sourced wood which uses significantly less water and energy than cotton.

Sewing Machine

Fair and traceable 


We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure all garments are produced under high ethical standards. In addition the quality of a lasting product is a key factor to a more sustainable life.


Made with love for people that care

LEMON wants you to shine, be filled with confidence and grace. Shop LEMON and feel comfortable and at ease all day every day.  

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